Hello world!

Hi, I’m Bill Polm.

I’ve been painting, drawing,  studying and selling watercolors for well over 30 years.

I’m basically self-taught, although I have taken a number of watercolor workshops from other artist/teachers in various places:  California (several), Colorado,  Maine.  I studied at the beginning of my watercolor work with Artist Ken Decker for 6 months on private mentoring, and then also with Robert Landry, Kolan Peterson, Timothy J. Clark, Tony Couch, Stephen Quiller, Richard Scott, and most recently in 2011 with Johannes Vloothuis in his several month webinar on composition (http://improvemypaintings.com/).

My goal with this blog is to post some of the best available advice and most thorough demonstrations and explanations on watercolor painting, on how to actually do it well.  A lot of what I will share I have learned from other artists (and I will endeavor to remember to give proper credit!) and some is of my own invention–usually out of necessity or after making my own mistakes! In other words, in the process of learning.

This blog started to day June 27, 2011 at 130pm, so it is young in content.

I want to include links for video clips that show various ways watercolor is successfully done.  (Maybe even some demonstrations of how NOT to do it!). Also, photos of my paintings, worthwhile links, favorite artists, recommendations re good books or DVDs, and probably even more, like a journal of my own studies and progress from my ongoing life-long learning activities.

Welcome aboard and please be patient.  I’m a busy guy, coaching online, writing, giving my grandchildren attention, and so on.  And, I’m starting “from scratch” today to learn WordPress and how best to put together content on this website.

Hope you will like this blog and find it helpful–and visit often.

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Sylvia says:

    Hi Bill,
    I just finished watching all 16 YouTube posts on how to paint seagulls, waves, etc… Thank you so much for posting. You took your time and posted step-by-step, and that REALLY helps me as a beginning watercolorist. Thanks for posting! You really should consider writing a how to book. You are are wonderful teacher…..I learned a lot in one hour with you vs. my watercolor adult education class!
    Keep posting, please!!!!!!
    Sylvia from San Diego!

    • Bill says:

      Hi Sylvia,
      Well, that was a surprise. I have been working away at my writing blog (www.keystowriting.com) and on a novel and ebook and participating in two writing communities. I had gotten discouraged after starting the watercolor blog when no one seemed to visit, not to mention benefit from the lessons I put up at Youtube. So I haven’t done much with this blog.

      Let me see what I can do. I’m still active with watercoloring. I will send you an email to sure you get my suggestion–and that is that you sign up to follow this blog so that you are informed by email when I publish a new post/video. My posts may not be consistent, like every week for a while, so this is the best way not to miss any.

      If you want to sign up (nothing to buy or join!), look at the upper right on the home/main blog page and click to follow…

      Thanks for the interest and comment!

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