Coming Soon–a multi-part, super thorough video demo!

As soon as I get some feedback from watercolor friends, I will be posting links to a series of You Tube video clips that will cover my painting of  a surf scene that includes crashing surf, wet sand, a real looking seagull, rocks, cliffs, pine trees and bushes. It’s title? “Seagulls and Surf at Sunset Bay, Oregon.”  See preview below…

If you want to learn transaprent watercolor as a beginner or get some help as an intermediate student of the medium–even if you are an advanced painter (who knows you might pick up something good!)–be sure to check back here.

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For a preview of the demonstration coming in a few days, here is a quarter sheet (11×15″) painting I did of the beach/surf scene.  Actually, I intended this for a demo but got so excited I started painting it, THEN remembered: “Wait! You were going to video tape this painting.”  Well, I wound up finishing it, and I am working on a second version, the demonstration, this one twice as big, that is about 14×21″. . .

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