Announcing: Clips 8, 9 and 10 are now available for viewing

Continuing the thorough watercolor demonstration of
“Seagulls and Surf at Sunset Bay” series . . .

In Clip 8  I paint the foliage area of bushes and trees just above the long cliff area at the left, using a mix-your-paint-on-the-paper technique for color variety.

In Clip 9  I soften some hard edges along the bottom of the foliage painting in Clip 8 above.  I also paint two the small cliff land formations at the right, including the green foliage tops.

In Clip 10  I paint the main line of pines at the top of the larger cliff area at the left, being careful to get variety  in spacing of the pines, their heights, along with my usual color variety.

Hope you are enjoying this series and getting some helpful know-how out of it!

We’re getting close to a wrap up: A few more pines, some details, including the gull, and that’s it.

Photo of the painting at the end of Clip 10 (notice the masking tape covering the large gull is not off the painting) . . .

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